Origami and OpenCV4

December 17 2018

OpenCV 4.0.0 has finally an offcial release so it was time to do a well deserved honor to the project and release a new version of Origami.

It has always been kind of hard to maintain the library for many different native platefforms so some (non-perfect) work has bene done to streamlined that process. Long story short a few good things happened and it is about time the time of the year to share them.

opencv native binaries streamlined

The https://github.com/hellonico/opencv4-native project includes all the binary and the setup used to deploy the binaries to our internal repository at: http://repository.hellonico.info/. Best Effort Hosting or BEH is the new zen.

You can find all the pre-compiled opencv natives here:


To use from gradle

dependencies {
    compile('origami:origami:4.0.0-0') {
        exclude group: 'opencv'
    compile 'opencv:opencv:4.0.0-0'
    compile 'opencv:opencv-native:4.0.0-0'

repositories {
      maven {
        url "https://repository.hellonico.info/repository/hellonico/"

And from maven


api generation automated

updated templates

java template

clj template

opencv4 support

clj CLI support

clj -A:new jvm-opencv hello/cv4

gradle support

docker support

raspberry pi support

java samples

dnn support

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