Reactive with ClojureScript

Back in 2012, I had a bunch of recipes to show how to easily use Clojure in different situtations. The recipes were small and easy to give to different people in different situtation. Before I realized it, I had about 100 pages of text and code samples gathered on my macbook air 11inches from 2010. It was at the point where I wanted to do something with the content. Thought about pulling out a white paper, and even had a look on how to self publish a book using Apple new (at the time) self publishing to ibooks.

But I knew I wanted something more. Along the most surprising connection in my network had a friend in the biggest IT book publishing company in Japan, Gihyo. Japanese ? In Japanese ? Finally, the effort of both my best Japanese friend and myself led to the publication of Oishii Clojure Nyumon (delicious introduction to Clojure).

That was exactly 4 years ago.

Things have changed a bit, ClojureScript, Clojure that compiles to JavaScript and run on JavaScript VM has been pushed forward in the meantime, Facebook’s React framework to write Serverless Single Page Application has been created, and a way to use React from with ClojureScript, Reagent, assembled.

So, all the perfect tooling is in place, but … say you have never used CLojureScript before ? where are the examples ? where are the sounds, games, animations small projects ? How do I create a single page ? How do you get to a simple but reliable environment to work on ClojureScript.

What if you know a bit of ClojureScript but could not use it at work because you could not show how great a language it was ?

What if you just want to have fun on weekends and pull something together quickly to interface with all your IoT devices ?

What if you simply don’t know what to do next weekend ?

So there it is … the book on React and ClojureScript that will make you want to create protypes and reliable full blown apps in no time.

The fantastic team at Springer/Apress gave me the chance to write almost what I wanted and how I wanted, with careful technical feedback, and impressive phrasing corrections. It really came up nicely, and better than anything I expected. I really hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Get it from Amazon or the Apress website.

Feedback is of course welcome… who knows… maybe another book is in the writing already.

And again, sincere thanks to all the wonderful people that made the book possible.