Origami Application

Just Relased

Just released today the electron wrapped version of Origami. It is available as a Zip file hosted on github, and also as a Manjaro package for all the linux lovers.

So what can this application do for you ?

Apart from the required dependency on java the zip file contains everything else you need to get started with OpenCV and the Clojure Wrapper named origami.

You get the full working environment and ease of use of Origami in a standalone window.


Technical Details

This is done using electron to wrap the browser window needed to run the Gorilla REPL, which is a web based full featured REPL.

Electron starts a Leiningen background process with all the OpenCV dependencies and settings to be ready to code.

The same origami application runs on Windows, and OSX as well, so pretty versatile. Video works out of the box on Manjaro linux, which is pretty sweet, I would have thought you need extra dependencies for this in the first place.