Origami and OpenCV 4.1.1

Origami 4.1.1 is out ! It is based on OpenCV 4.1.1.

As usual, guidelines on how to get started:

project templates

A java template:

lein new jvm-opencv hellocv
lein run

Which can also be used via gradle:

gradle run 

A clojure template:

lein new clj-opencv hellocv
lein run

clojure’s clj CLI support

# osx
brew install clojure
# ubuntu / debian
apt install clojure
# manjaro
yay -S clojure

Add the following in ~/.clojure/deps.edn:

 {:new {:extra-deps {seancorfield/clj-new
                     {:mvn/version "0.7.7"}}
        :main-opts ["-m" "clj-new.create"]}}}

And then:

clj -A:new clj-opencv hellocv
clj -m opencv4.ok

docker support

There is an origami docker image!

docker run -it \
 -v $PWD/mysrc:/usr/src/app/src \
 -v $PWD/myrsc:/usr/src/app/resources \
 hellonico/origami \
 clojure -m \

And some other goodies …

  • raspberry pi/ARM support
  • tons and tons of samples
  • java samples
  • deep neural network